So you were dating some one for some time now. This have been getting a little rocky & then all of a sudden your dropped on your ass & YOUR entire world has been flipped upside down. Maybe you could have sworn this person was the one.. Maybe you thought they weren’t going to do the things that they did. What ever it is… It has left you feeling broken. You wakeup every single day not knowing how to even begin- That person is the first one to enter your mind. That very text your used to receiving, that phone call, or just waking up beside them is no longer the luxury you thought you had.

I want you to take a deep breath right now. Right before you exhale… I want you to remember who you were BEFORE this person came into your life. I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT THIS… REALLY.  now exhale. You miss who you were right? if not.. well either way YOU HAVE THIS AMAZING CHANCE TO BECOME SOMEONE BETTER. Free of stress, Free of pain, Free of it all. Yes, i know thinking for yourself is kind of hard. I’ve been there. But remember something.. You invested time into emotions that once made you happy. Sometimes in life things work out and sometimes they don’t. We have to ALWAYS be willing to understand / accept that.. and If you don’t know how… Reach out.. Don’t be afraid to share you heart & what your going through with the world.


I am living proof that you will be okay. I am here as evidence that there is life after love. & certainly there is life after a broken heart. A great one at that. Moving on to better things & find yourself how…

  1. You need to mourn… Go ahead.. Cry. Cry your eyes out.. but when you are done crying … you need to pick yourself back up.. dust off the sad bunny on your shoulders and keep it moving sunshine.
  2. Figure out what exactly your feeling… Lonely, Sad, Depressed. Fix those things. If you lonely. Start to get into socializing. If your Sad . Do what makes you happy & If you depressed, Talk to someone. The most Important thing is… YOU HAVE THE ENERGY TO WANT TO DO THIS. which means you are capable of doing it.
  3. DO NOT : & I REPEAT DO NOT. Engage in anything that may lead to be habit forming.. Don’t push the fuck it button and get bombed at the bar. Your going to humiliate yourself & when your ex hears about it.. he/ she will probably laugh. Besides thats not one of the situations that button is useful for.
  4. Start to spend time with yourself. Settle down on your days off, Spend time finding what truly makes you happy on your days off. ( be prepared- this is where you find reminders most often, including when your  outside in the world.
  5. Treat yourself. Change your style, Your hair, Your nails, Your shoes, your Suits. what ever it is that you once did.. RE INVENT YOURSELF.Every one loves to feel brand new.
  6. Meditate, Read books on self help & love & over coming challenges. If your reading this blog.. your on the right track.
  7. When the day ends for you. Do me one favor. DO NOT FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF…. PLEASE. Appreciate your efforts. You did a great job… Every day that you have been doing things for yourself….is  one day closer you are to being a stronger person.. as you are already strong now.

This is only the beginning – STEP 8: Read My blog in Survival about what I went through- Be ready to read, cry, laugh. ❤ but most of all be ready to learn. 🙂


Love & Light,



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