You Never Forget Your First(7 Minute Read)

Years ago I met Stephany who I happen to over hear talking about a love story. She made it clear that this was a story that would make everyone cry. She even cried as she spoke about it. Describing it to bebeautiful wound that would never exactly heal. She met Carl her middle school sweet heart very […]


Finding Yourself After A Break Up ( 4 Minute Read)

So you were dating some one for some time now. This have been getting a little rocky & then all of a sudden your dropped on your ass & YOUR entire world has been flipped upside down. Maybe you could have sworn this person was the one.. Maybe you thought they weren’t going to do the […]

Choreographed Chaos

I always loved a good storm. It was almost as If the universe listened to my exact thoughts and emotions.and reiterated every secret I've ever expressed - whispered the chaos that was choreographed in my head.. It was for once like the world said, I heard you, I hear you. I felt you & I…